Xiamen Prime Industrial Co., Ltd. provides high-quality manufacturing solutions for producing metal parts. Customers rely on us to minimize risk and provide high-value solutions. Through open communication, trust and performance, we create a win/win experience for all involved.

To succeed, you need a manufacturing partner who does more than produce machined components, sheet metal fabricating, metal stamping, tool and die making or custom inspection gages. You need a strong, growing company who lives by the “Golden Rule,” treating customers, employees and suppliers with respect and dignity.

Xiamen Prime Industrial Co., Ltd. Values:

  • Integrity – We live by the Golden Rule.

  • Respect – You deserve and will be treated with respect when you work with us.

  • Honesty – We expect honesty at all times.

  • Strong work ethic – Essential for success.

  • Fun – We want all our people to have fun and enjoy their job, and we do! (Most days)

  • Trust – We maintain a high-trust environment, with only trustworthy people on our team.

  • Excellent communication – Proactive, clear communication is expected with our teams and our customers.

  • Company reinvestment – State-of-the-art equipment and diligent preventative maintenance.

  • Skilled workforce – Ongoing training and apprentice program to develop the next generation of skilled workers.

  • Healthy workforce – Wellness programs and education help keep our team healthy and working for you.